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Personal Needs

Seniors, caregivers and families often require assistance with home care services.  Choosing the best personal service providers can be a daunting process and we are pleased that Senior Supporters® can help your team to identify and address your specific needs.  These services may be critical for continued “Aging in Place” and can be provided by a wide range of professionals. Senior Supporters® can help your family and caregiving team with finding, reviewing and monitoring the most appropriate providers of dozens of services including:

  • Shopping for groceries or other personal needs

  • Pet care

  • Transportation & Errand Assistance

  • Mobility & Safety Assistance

  • In-home hair care, manicure, pedicures and other personal grooming

  • Monitoring physical and mental conditions

  • Intake and Output

  • Dementia & Memory Care Assistance

  • Respite services for caregivers and family

  • And more…

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