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“A man who represents himself,

  has a fool for a client”

  - Anonymous


Legal issues for seniors and their families typically relate to the following major areas that Senior Supporters® can help provide guidance in: 

* Estate Planning and Pre-Mortem Legal Planning, including Advance Care Planning

* Health and Personal Care Planning, including Advance Directives


* Legal Capacity Discussions


* Employment and Retirement Issues


* Elder Law matters including Abuse and Age or Disability Discrimination

More than ever before, seniors and their families recognize the importance of planning for the future. With this in mind, the Senior Supporter team are here to provide guidance, direction and information about legal issues faced by older individuals, their families and their caregivers. We can assist and help seniors make appropriate choices so they can maximize personal autonomy, minimize costs and protect themselves against those who might want to deceive, exploit or defraud. Senior citizens require timely and reliable access to legal information.  This service offers basic information, points out various services and resources and ways to access them, and outlines areas which may require specific legal advice or expertise, given each individual’s needs.

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