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Seniors can have myriad healthcare issues and addressing them all can be overwhelming.  You or your relatives may require care and resources from different providers and vendors.  In healthcare, this could include 

communication among one's family, caregivers, doctors, specialists and other professionals, in settings ranging from rehabs to hospitals to in-home-care to outpatient settings.  But often there is little or no integration and co-ordination among the services, leading to patient/senior/consumer frustration and stress; as well as family ignorance and gaps in care and management of what should be integrated services.


The biggest barriers to addressing senior issues frequently are the communication, status quo and inertia; senior service providers tend to work as separate entities rather than as an integrated whole.  Senior Supporters' case management approach brings together experienced practitioners, providers and healthcare resources to assemble the appropriate interdisciplinary team with a focus on your individual needs.

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