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"There are only four kinds of people in the world -

those who have been caregivers, those who are caregivers,

those who will be caregivers and those who

will need caregivers."

- Rosalynn Carter

Caregivers Assistance 

From our extensive experience, the assistance that is needed for many Senior Supporters® clients goes beyond just the needs of the senior client(s) and includes the spouses, family members, friends and other caring loved ones who provide and help with caring for the individual client.  


The recognition that there is frequently a need for services with ADLs (Activities of Daily Living), IADLs, and other assistance that may be beyond the capacity of the family leads to significant areas where Senior Supporters® can help address the needs of the family as well as the individuals.  Whether these needs are respite care, "time outs" or regular on-going services to help promote quality care, Senior Supporters® is here to help.  Our ability to hone in on the specific needs and to work with families in assessing and choosing the best courses of action to address them effectively and with compassion sets Senior Supporters® apart.  Please contact us today for more information.

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