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Senior Supporters® consultants will assist you in finding the right home solution for you or a family member.  Whether you are looking into Assisted Living, Board & Care or Continuing Care Retirement Communities, we have significant knowledge and experience with all aspects of Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE).  With this knowledge, we are uniquely able to provide guidance to you and your family as you consider senior housing options. Choosing among Assisted Living housing options typically involves making very large decisions and having support and guidance through this process is essential.

Helping navigate the challenges of researching, choosing and transitioning to an Assisted Living or Board & Care home we are sensitive to Senior and family issues and to making the process less daunting.  For instance, when matching an individual to an assisted living community, there are many factors to be considered, including the location, cost, current and future care requirements, and amenities.  Were you to attempt to gather the specific facility information from each of the many assisted living communities in their preferred geographic area, it would take days of phone calls and meetings. It would also subject you to countless sales pitches in which it would still be difficult to obtain the information you require.

In addition to the common information a family would want, we also have access to information which a family might not necessarily think to inquire about, such as pricing variables, occupancy rates, number of residents, resident to staff ratios, proximity to hospitals, family reviews, and resident complaints. 


Referral agencies or online services are paid commissions by facilities for their placements, so they have an inherent interest in placing seniors in places they have under contract.  In contrast, we take no facility payments when our clients choose a living option.  As a result, we tend to be more empathetic and we help families focus and truly weigh the options including comparing them to staying put and aging in place.  Senior Supporters® therefore has a more comprehensive all-inclusive database of providers and our sole interest is in the senior and their supporters.  As a result, we truly do recommend the option best suited to your needs.

Assisted Living

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